A Voice From On High

Song composer(s)

Monroe, Bill / Mauldin, Bessie Lee

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Single : Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys (1954)
Single : Stanley Brothers (1954)
A Voice From On High : Bill Monroe (1969)
Stanley Series, Vol. 2 #1 : Stanley Brothers (1989)
Bluegrass 1950-1958 : Bill Monroe (1990)
Jubilation, Vol. 3 (Country Gospel) : Various Artists (Bill Monroe) (1992)
High Lonesome (Soundtrack) : Various Artists (Bill Monroe) (1994)
The Music Of Bill Monroe : Bill Monroe (1994)
Angel Band - Classic Mercury Recordings : Stanley Brothers (1995)
Diamond Joe : Joe Val (1995)
Best Of Bluegrass - Best Of Preachin' Prayin' & Singin' : Various Artists (Stanley Brothers) (1996)
Stanley Series, Vol. 4 #1 (Live - 1956) : Stanley Brothers (1996)


Occurs on tapes and set lists usually as I Hear A Voice Calling. But on all identified recording the title is A Voice From On High.

First recorded by Bill Monroe on January 25th 1954. Released as a single with Working On A Building on the other side.

Monroe said the following about the song;

"I sure want to be ready on that day. And I speak in my writing of a song the way I really feel about it. I really want to hear that voice calling me... I believe a person should try to live the best life he can live and enjoy it and live a decent life."

"I was trying to do something with the tenor you know and tie some words together with the tune. So I wrote the chorus to that song and I meant it for the tenor to have the high part there, and it was about as high as I could sing. Bessie Lee Maudlin helped on the verses to that song."