Ballad Of Ira Hayes

Song composer(s)

LaFarge, Peter

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Ira Hayes and Other Ballads : Peter LaFarge (1962)
Broadside Ballads, Vol. 2 : Pete Seeger (1962)
Johnny Cash Sings The Ballads Of The American Indians : Johnny Cash (1964)
Peter LaFarge On The Warpath : Peter LaFarge (1965)
Patrick Sky : Patrick Sky (1965)
Dylan : Bob Dylan (1973)
On The Warpath/As Long As The Grass Shall Grow : Peter LaFarge (1992)
Essential Johnny Cash (1992)
Roadsongs : Townes Van Zandt (1994)
Outlaws Of Country : Various Artists (Johnny Cash) (1995)
By The Sweat Of My Brow : Hazel Dickens (19??)

Performance History

Played only at the Dylan/Dead rehearsals in May 87

Not performed by the Grateful Dead without Dylan.


Written in 1962. Published in Broadside Magazine # 11-12.