Banks Of The Ohio

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Performance History

Played by the Hart Valley Drifters at the College of San Mateo in San Mateo on November 10th 1962.

Performed only once by the Dead, with Joan Baez on 31st Dec 1981.


Also called On The Banks Of The Ohio.

The lyrics of the Hrt Valley Drifters version are as follows;

I asked my love to take a walk
Just to walk, a little way
Down beside where the waters flow
Down by the banks of the Ohio

Only say that you'll be mine
In [our home] we'll happy be
Down beside where the waters flow
Down by the banks of the Ohio

I held a knife against her breast
As into my arms she pressed
Cried, [oh] [?] don't murder me
I'm not prepared for eternity"


[inaudible line]
I cried, "My God, what have I done?
I killed the only woman I love
Because she would not be my bride"

[chorus] * 2