Song composer(s)

Lennon, John / McCartney, Paul

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

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Other Recordings

Beatles (White Album) : Beatles (1968)
Mother Nature's Son : Ramsey Lewis (1969)
Music Is My Life : Billy Preston (1972)
Wings Over America : Paul McCartney (1976)
Beatles Ballads (1980)
Word Of Mouth : Jaco Pastorius (1981)
Live at the Desert Inn : Bobby Darin (1987)
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) : Paul McCartney (1991)
Crosby, Stills and Nash Box Set (1991)
Collection : Billy Preston (1992)
Anthology 3 : Beatles (1996)


Lead vocals - Weir.

A McCartney song.

Supposedly inspired by reading newspaper accounts of US race riots in mid-1968 OR by a blackbird singing the tune outside his bedroom window. Would that all songwriters were like Robert Hunter and let the songs speak for themselves.