Dark Star

Song composer(s)

Grateful Dead / Hunter, Robert

Grateful Dead Recordings

Single (1968)
Live Dead (1969)
What A Long Strange Trip It's Been (1977)
Two From The Vault (1992)
Dick's Picks Vol. 2 (1995)
Dick's Picks Vol. 4 (1996)
Dick's Picks Vol. 7 (1997)
Fillmore East 2/11/69 (1997)
Dick's Picks Vol. 11 (1998)

Dead Related Recordings

Nightfall Of Diamonds : Tom Constanten (1992)
Grayfolded - Transitive Axis : John Oswald/Grateful Dead (1995)
Grayfolded - Mirror Ashes : John Oswald/Grateful Dead (1996)

Other Recordings

Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It : Henry Kaiser (1989)
Heart's Desire - The Henry Kaiser Band (1990)
Dead Ringers : Dead Ringers (1993)
Historical Perspective : Solar Circus (1993)
Eternity Blue : Henry Kaiser (1995)
Dark Star : David Murray Octet (1996)
Welcome To Our World (For Members Only) : JGB (1998)
Blue Light Rain : Jazz Is Dead (1998)


Robert Hunter has said in an interview;

What the Dead do on Dark Star is what the Dead are, That's what they do best. What defines the Dead is Dark Star.

Understanding Rock - Essays in Musical Analysis contains a long essay by Graeme M Boone about Dark Star, entitled Tonal and Expressive Ambiguity in "Dark Star"

First Dead single on Warner Brothers (w/ Born Cross-Eyed).

The Dark Star on Live/Dead is from the 2.27.69 show at the Fillmore West.