Darling Alalee

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Darling Alalee
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Performance History

Played by the Black Mountain Boys on the 6th and 7th March 1964.

Not performed by the Grateful Dead. Occurs only on pre-Dead tapes featuring future members of the dead.


Only a few references to this song have been located to date. They all use the Alalee spelling. Occurs as Darling Alalee and Sweet Alalee.

May be the same song as Darling Zelma Lee.

Here are the lyrics of the version performed by the Black Mountain Boys on March 6th 1964;

Sweet Alalee so dear to me,
She's gone for ever more,
My home was down in Tennessee,
Before the cruel war.

And carry me back to Tennessee,
There (to dwell?) (?)
Among the fields of yellow corn,
With my darling Alalee.

Oh why did I from day to day,
Keep wishing to be free,
And from my master run away,
And leave my Alalee.


They said that I would soon be free,
And happy all the day,
But if they take me back again,
I'll never run away.