Darling Corey

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Performance History

Played by Jerry Garcia, Marshall Leicester and Robert Hunter at the Carlos Bookstall in San Carlos in July 1961.


Lead vocals - Garcia.

A traditional song that exists with many variations in form. Constant elements in the song are the command for the girl of the title to wake up and lines about digging a hole in the ground. Some recordings are as Darlin Corey or Darlin' Corey but majority are Darling Corey.

The lyrics of the version performed by the Dead on 11/20/70 are barely audible, only a verse and chorus are sung.

The version performed by Garcia, Hunter and Leicester in 1961 is clearer, the lyrics are;

Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
What makes you sleep so sound
The revenue officers are coming
Gonna tear your still house down

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold, cold ground
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Gonna lay darling Corey down

Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
Quit hanging around my bed
Bad liquor has ruined my body
Pretty women gone to my head

Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
What makes you sleep so sound
The revenue officers are coming
Gonna tear your still house down

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