Deep Elem Blues

Song composer(s)


Grateful Dead Recordings

Reckoning (1981)
Dick's Picks Vol. 8 (1997)

Dead Related Recordings

Pistol Packin' Mama : Good Old Boys (1976) (Produced by Garcia)
Almost Acoustic : Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (1989)

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Ballads & Songs : Various Artists (Lone Star Cowboys) (19??)
The Smithsonian Collection Of Classic Country Music : Various Artists (Shelton Brothers) (19??)

Performance History

Played by Garcia and Nelson at the College of San Mateo in San Mateo on November 10th 1962.

Played by Jerry and Sarah Garcia at the Tangent in Palo Alto in May 1963.

Possibly played at Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions rehearsals in Palo Alto sometime in 1964 but no tape circulates.


Lead vocals - Garcia.

Garcia introduces this at the Garcia/Nelson set on 11/10/62 by saying that Deep Elem Street is a street in Dallas (as far as he knows) ... that's notorious 'if you want cocaine'.

Sometimes occurs as Deep Ellum Blues or as Deep Elm Blues.

Deep Elem Blues is similar in some ways to Deep River Blues, another traditional song. Versions of Deep River Blues can be found on;

Doc Watson : Doc Watson (1964)
Doc Watson On Stage : Doc Watson (1971)
Eric Schoenberg, Acoustic Guitar : Eric Schoenberg (1977)
Sounds Like Home : Warrior River Boys (1993)
Rodeo Waltz : Sweethearts Of The Rodeo (1993)
The Vanguard Years : Doc Watson (1995)
Brown's Ferry Blues : Delmore Brothers (as Big River Blues) (19??)

Possibly also related to Coal Tipple Blues and Georgia Black Bottom.