Do You Believe In Magic?

Song composer(s)

Sebastian, John

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Do You Believe In Magic : Lovin' Spoonful (1965)
The Big T. N. T. Show Soundtrack : Various Artists (Lovin' Spoonful) (1966)
Backstage : Cher (1968)
Paxton Brothers : Paxton Brothers (1975)
Shaun Cassidy (1978)
So Nice : Lovin' Spoonful (1979)
One Trick Pony Soundtrack : Various Artists (Lovin' Spoonful) (1980)
Anthology : Lovin' Spoonful (1990)
Greatest Hits : Shaun Cassidy (1993)
Buddah Box : Various Artists (Lovin' Spoonful) (1993)
The Best of the Lovin' Spoonful : Lovin' Spoonful (1994)
Do You Believe in Magic/Hums : Lovin' Spoonful (1995)