Drop Down Mama

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Other Recordings

Legend of Sleepy John Estes : Sleepy John Estes (1961)
Sleepy Man Blues : Geoff Muldaur (1963)
Country Blues : John Hammond (1964)
Brownsville Blues : Sleepy John Estes (1965)
Tom Rush : Tom Rush (1965)
Drop Down Mama : Various Artists (David "Honeyboy" Edwards) (1970)
Can't Beat the Kid : John Hammond (1975)
Best of Tom Rush : Tom Rush (1975)
White Windows : David "Honeyboy" Edwards (1988)
Blues, Songs and Ballads (expanded CD version) : Tom Rush (1989)
Oh Yes I Can : David Crosby (1989)
Best of John Hammond : John Hammond (1989)
Complete Works, Vol. 1 (1929-1937) : Sleepy John Estes (1990)
Sleepy John Estes 1929-1940 - I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More : Sleepy John Estes (1992)
John Hammond Live : John Hammond (1992)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl : Mississippi Fred McDowell (1994)
I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll - Complete Sessions : Mississippi Fred McDowell (1995)
Trouble Monkey : Lloyd Jones (1995)
Old Rock N Roller : Greg Taylor (1996)
Vintage : Spencer Bohren (1996)
Hit It & Quit It : Curtis Salgado (1997)
Someday Baby : Sleepy John Estes (1997)
Knights of the Blues Table : Various Artists (1997)
Devil in the Woodpile, The Essential Recordings of Blues Harmonica : Various Artists (Sleepy John Estes) (199?)


Authorship uncertain. Often credited to Sleepy John Estes. But BMI and HFA have a number of different performers registered as writers of the song which suggest it is traditional.