Handsome Cabin Boy Jam

Song composer(s)

Traditional / arr. Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

Shady Grove : Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (1996)

Other Recordings

Handsome Cabin Boy
Blow Boys Blow : A. L. Lloyd (1960)
Martin Carthy : Martin Carthy (1965)
Folk Songs Of Britain, Vol. 6 Sailormen and Servingmaids (196?)
Tune For November : Gordon Bok (1970)
Sea Chanties and Forecastle Songs at Mystic Seaport : Stuart Frank (1978)
Sea Songs & Shanties : Ewan McColl (197?)


Jam based on the traditional song Handsome Cabin Boy.

Full song performed during Garcia & Grisman shows in 1991.