Hey Bo Diddley

Song composer(s)

Diddley, Bo

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Not recorded by the Dead

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Other Recordings

Single : Bo Diddley (1957)
Bo Diddley : Bo Diddley (1957)
Bo Diddley's A Twister : Bo Diddley (1962)
Road Runner : Bo Diddley (1963)
Single : Animals (1963)
16 All-Time Greatest Hits : Bo Diddley (1964)
The Big T. N. T. Show Soundtrack : Various Artists (Bo Diddley) (1966)
Sweet Toronto Soundtrack : Various Artists (Bo Diddley) (1970)
Let The Good Times Roll Soundtrack : Various Artists (Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry) (1972)
Rrrracket Time : Ronnie Hawkins & Hawks (1980)
Live At The Ritz : Ron Wood & Bo Diddley (1987)
Chess Box Set : Bo Diddley (1990)


First recorded by Bo Diddley on 8th February 1957 at the Beltone Stidios in New York during the same session as the first recording of Mona.

The two songs were first issued on the same single in 1957.

Writing credits on records are Ellas McDaniel, real name of Bo Diddley. Often appears incorrectly on recordings and elsewhere as Ellis McDaniels or other variation.