I Fought The Law

Song composer(s)

Curtis, Sonny

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Not recorded by the Dead

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Other Recordings

Single : Bobby Fuller Four (1966)
I Fought The Law : Bobby Fuller Four (1966)
The Crickets (B Side of a single) (196?)
The Cost Of Living (EP) : The Clash (1979)
Rude Boy Soundtrack : Various Artists (The Clash) (1980)
The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four : Bobby Fuller Four (1981)
The Complete Crickets : Crickets (1984)
The Story Of The Clash : The Clash (1991)
Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four (1992)
Shakedown - The Texas Tapes Revisited : Bobby Fuller (1996)


Lead vocals - Garcia.

Sonny Curtis was a member of Buddy Holly's pre-Crickets band The Three Tunes. After Holly's death in 1959 Curtis joined the Crickets. Part of a wide ranging career as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. I Fought The Law was first recorded by the Crickets in the early 60s.