It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Song composer(s)

Dylan, Bob

Grateful Dead Recordings

Dick's Picks Vol. 9 (1997)

Dead Related Recordings

Morning Dew : Tom Constanten (19??)

Other Recordings

Bringing It All Back Home : Bob Dylan (1965)
Farewell, Angelina : Joan Baez (1965)
Them Again : Them (1966)
Easter Everywhere : 13th Floor Elevators (1967)
Don't Look Back Soundtrack : Bob Dylan (1967)
Single : The Bryds (1969)
Ballad of Easy Rider : The Byrds (1969)
And The Shelter People : Leon Russell (1971)
Leon Live : Leon Russell (1973)
Live At The Cellar Door : Seldom Scene (1975)
The Earth Band 1971-1973 : Manfred Mann (1977)
Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted : The Animals (1977)
Bullshot : Link Wray (1979)
Biograph : Bob Dylan (1986)
Sings Beatles & Dylan : Richie Havens (1986)
Never Before : The Byrds (1987)
Rich Kid Blues : Marianne Faithfull (1988)
The Byrds (Box Set) : The Byrds (1990)
Just Like A Woman - Judy Sings Dylan : Judy Collins (1993)
Anthology : Barry McGuire (1994)
The Music Never Stopped - Roots of the Grateful Dead : Bob Dylan (1995)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (CD bonus track only) : The Byrds (19??)

Performance History

Played at the Dylan/Dead rehearsals in May 87


Lead vocals - Garcia.

First recorded by Dylan on January 13, 1965. The version that appears on Bringing It All Back Home was recorded on January 15, 1965.

The version that is included in Don't Look Back is from May 8, 1965.

In the notes for Biograph (1986) Dylan is quoted;

"I had carried that song around in my head for a long time,and I remember that when I was writing it, I'd remembered a Gene Vincent song. It had always been one of my favorites, Baby Blue...`when first I met my baby, she said how do you do, she looked into my eyes and said... my name is Baby Blue.' It was one of the songs I used to sing back in High School. Of course, I was singing about a different Baby Blue."

Played by Dylan on the Les Crane TV show in Feb 1965