Katie Mae

Song composer(s)

Hopkins, Lightnin'

Grateful Dead Recordings

History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) (1973)

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Lightnin' Hopkins (194?)
Lightnin' Hopkins Strums The Blues : Lightnin' Hopins (1958)
Mean Ol' Frisco : Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (1960)
That's Alright Mama : Big Boy Crudup (1961)
Lightnin' : Lightnin' Hopkins (1961)
Lightnin' Hopkins on Stage : Lightnin' Hopkins (1962)
Best of the Blues, Volume 2 : Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins) (1964)
I'm In The Mood : Big Boy Crudup (1983)
Complete Prestige/Bluesville Recordings : Lightnin' Hopkins (1991)
Complete Aladdin Session : Lightnin' Hopkins (1992)
Mojo Hand - The Anthology (as Katie Mae Blues) : Lightnin' Hopkins (1993)
It's a Sin to Be Rich : Lightnin' Hopkins (1993)
Rising Sun Collection : Lightnin' Hopkins/Sonny Terry/Louisiana Red (1996)
Slo Leak : Slo Leak (1996)
The Road I'm On: Retrospective : Dion (1997)


Lead vocals - Pigpen.

Writing credits are Hopkins on Bear's Choice and his own releases but are Crudup on Crudup releases. May well be traditional.

A closely related song "You Call Yourself A Cadillac" can be found on;

Shake 'Em On Down - The Real Country Blues : Various Artists (Robert Nighthawk with Corey Mason) (199?)