Mountain Jam

Song composer(s)

Allman, Duane / Allman, Greg / Leitch, Donovan / arr. Grateful Dead

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Other Recordings

There Is A Mountain
Single : Donovan (1967)
Donovan In Concert : Donovan (1967)
Windows Opened : Hernie Mann (1968)
Greatest Hits : Donovan (1969)
Troubadour - The Definitive Collection 1964-76 : Donovan (1992)
Cover The Songs Of... : The Bobs (1994)

Mountain Jam
Eat A Peach : Allman Brothers Band (1972)
Live At Ludlow Garage 1970 : Allman Brothers Band (1991)
Fillmore Concerts : Allman Brothers Band (1992)
Fillmore East 2/70 : Allman Brothers Band (1997)


Jam generally assumed to be based on the Allman Brothers Band Mountain Jam which in turn is based on the Donovan song There Is A Mountain.

But given the date that the jam first appeared in the Dead repetoire (2/14/68) it seems more likely that Dead's version developed independently directly from the Donovan song,There Is A Mountain. (Contributor