Ocean Of Diamonds

Song composer(s)

Carnaham, Cliff

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Jimmy Martin & his Sunny Mountain Boys (1958)
Bluegrass Home Comfort : Sawtooth Mountain Boys (1976)
Bluegrass Album, Vol. 2 : Bluegrass Album Band (1982)
On Stage : Kentucky Colonels (1984)
Jack Rabbit : Doug Dillard (1986)
Bluegrass Compact Disk : Bluegrass Album Band (1986)
Sing : Jimmy Martin (1988)
One Woman Man : Jimmy Martin (1995)

Performance History

Played by the Black Mountain Boys on the 7th March 1964.

Not performed by the Grateful Dead. Occurs only on pre-Dead tapes featuring future members of the dead.


Sometimes writing credits are Cliff Carnahan and Bill Otis.