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Matt Schofield is the Song Names List caretaker. Please post additions, corrections and comments to the mailing list -- and "cc" him.

The general guidelines for song titles are: One entry per song. That entry should be as close as we can get to the official title of the song based on:

  • official Dead releases
  • official release by composer
  • other recordings or sources
  • group discussion

Additional information about each song can be viewed by clicking on the song names. This information comprises;

  • composers
  • recordings by the Dead
  • other recordings
  • performance notes
  • miscellaneous notes

The recordings by the Dead section should include entries for all official LP/CD releases by the Grateful Dead. It does not though cover the complete discography of the Grateful Dead. For a full discography see Ihor Slabicky's Compleat Grateful Dead Discography

The section of other recordings is a summary of some of the other recordings of the songs including those by individual members of the Dead.

The selection of recordings is intended to be representative of the various musical genres and eras in which the song has been recorded. It is starting point for anyone who wants to search out and hear other versions of the songs. It is not, and never will be, a comprehensive list of recordings.

For a much fuller recording history of some of the songs, especially those which have their roots in traditional music, see the Roots of the Grateful Dead Web Site.

If you are looking for the lyrics of Grateful Dead songs good starting points are David Dodd's Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics web site and Alex Allen's Grateful Dead Song And Lyric Findersite.


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