Tomorrow Never Knows

Song composer(s)

Lennon, John / McCartney, Paul

Grateful Dead Recordings

Not recorded by the Dead

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Revolver : Beatles (1966)
Tomorrow Never Knows : Steve Marcus (1968)
Strange Times : The Chameleons (1986)
Tomorrow Never Knows : Danielle Dax (1990)
Manzanera Collection : Phil Manzanera (1995)
Oracle : Michael Hedges (1996)
Plastic Green Head : Trouble (1996)
Anthology 2 : The Beatles (1996)


Lead vocals - Welnick.

A John Lennon song.

Recorded by the Beatles on 6th April 1966.

The working title was Mark 1. The actual title is said to come from a phrase Ringo Starr often used. Lennon said in a 1980 interview, "That's me in my Tibetan Book of the Dead period. I took one of Ringo's malapropisms as the title, to sort of take the edge off the heavy philosphical lyrics."

Other Beatles songs named after Ringo-isms include Hard Days Night and Eight Days a Week.