U.S. Blues

Song composer(s)

Garcia, Jerry / Hunter, Robert

Grateful Dead Recordings

From The Mars Hotel (1974)
Single (1974)
Steal Your Face (1976)
One From The Vault (1991)
Dick's Picks Vol. 6 (1996)
Dick's Picks Vol. 12 (1998)

Dead Related Recordings

No Dead related recordings entered

Other Recordings

Deadicated (1991) (The Harshed Mellows)
Long Live The Dead : Billy and Terry Smith (1996)


In an interview in 1976 Garcia was asked if working with Hunter was usually a case of Garcia writing the music and Hunter the words;

"More often than not. But also it's a little freer than that, too. I edit his work an awful lot, for example, a tune like U. S. Blues really will start of with three hundred possible verses. Then it's a matter of carving them down to ones that are singable."