White Rabbit Tease

Song composer(s)

Slick, Grace

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Not recorded by the Dead

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Other Recordings

White Rabbit
Surrealistic Pillow : Jefferson Airplane (1967)
Conspicuous Only In It's Absence : The Great Society (1968)
The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane : Jefferson Airplane (1970)
White Rabbit : George Benson (1972)
Flight Log (1966-1976) : Jefferson Airplane (1977)
Machine Gun Etiquette : The Damned (1979)
2400 Fulton Street An Anthology : Jefferson Airplane (1987)
Refuge Denied : Sanctuary (1987)
Freedom & Rain Tour 91 Sampler : June Tabor (1991)
Jefferson Airplane Loves You (Box Set) : Jefferson Airplane (1992)
Monterey International Pop Festival Box Set : Various Artists (Jefferson Airplane) (1992)
Deep Space/Virgin Sky : Jefferson Starship (1995)


Music inspired by Ravel, lyrics by Lewis Carroll? Grace Slick has said about the song, "Adults were ragging at us for taking drugs. What I wrote the song for was to say, 'Why did you read me this stuff? Look at what this stuff says!' "