Willow Garden

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Willow Garden
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Performance History

Played by an unnamed bluegrass band with Garcia on banjo at an unknown venue in Burlingame in January 1962.

Played by Old & In The Way.

Not performed by the Grateful Dead. Occurs only on pre-Dead tapes featuring future members of the dead.


A traditional song which occurs in a variety of forms. It is most usually called "Willow Garden" or "Down In The Willow Garden". The title "Rose Connelly", which is generally used on most circulating copies of the Burlingame tape, is used less often elsewhere.

"Willow Garden" is used here as that name is used when the song is introduced during Olsd & In The Way sets.

The version on the Burlingame tape is incomplete;

As I (cut)....

... with my dagger,
Which was a bloody knife,
Threw her into the river,
Which was a dreadful sight.

My daddy often told me,
That money would send me through,
If I would murder that dear little girl,
By the name of Rose Connelly.

And now he sits by his own cottage door,
A-wiping his tearful eye,
A-waiting for his own dear son,
Who hangs on the gallows, to die.

My race is run beneath the sun,
All hell is waiting for me,
For I have murdered that dear little girl,
By the name of Rose Connelly.