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Yankee Doodle
Ballads of the Revolution (1767-1775) : Wallace House (1953)
Ballads of the American Revolution, 1767-1781 : Wallace House (1953)
American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1 : Pete Seeger (1957)
Marches in Hi-Fi : Boston Pops Orchestra (1962)
Call of Freedom : Various Artists (1962)
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Just You & Me : Herb Alpert (1976)
Peddler's Pack: A Collection of Early Colonial Songs : Jim Douglas (1979)
101 Favorite Children's Songs, Vol. 3 R-Z : Various Artists (1988)
American Jubilee : Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops (1988)
1934-1939 : Jack Teagarden (198?)
Nickelodion and Calliope : Various Artists (Milton Kaye) (19??)


Tuning based on the song Yankee Doodle.

Traditional song that is probably American in origin but may have an earlier British origin. Earliest reference to the song is from 1768, the Boston Journal of the Times refers to 'the Yankee Doodle song'. The song is included in Aird's selection of 'Scotch, English, Irish, and Foreign Airs' of 1778.