Band Grateful Dead
Venue Unknown Venue
Location Unknown, Unknown
Date ??/??/69 - Wednesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Dark Star [20:01#]
Comments Stylistic considerations date this Dark Star to April - May - June '69.

These tapes have been in circulation since the 70s. The longer tape begins with the Dark Star and cuts just as they are starting the transition bridge out of Dark Star ; copies in circulation are quite degraded SBD and sometimes circulate labeled AUD. The shorter fragment contains the last 12:54 of the Dark Star and is rather less degraded than the other tape, but still considerably. T.C.'s keys insure the '69 date. The 1st vocals start at 6:44 and finish at 7:43, and they never really go into space afterward, marking this Dark Star as early summer 69 at the latest, but it is definitely somewhat after Live Dead. Riffs resembling Sputnik occur around 12:20. 2nd vocals start at 18:34 and conclude at 19:29. The longer tape breaks off 0:09 after the conclusion of the 2nd vocals ; the shorter fragment continues for another 0:22 to the end of the transition bridge, and then cuts. Latvala was unable to identify this tape. My best guess is Winterland 5/3/69.
Recordings 19:39 SB 12:54 SB
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Contributors Jim Powell
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