Band Grateful Dead
Venue Longshoreman's Hall
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 1/23/66 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments Trips Festival, As part of "The Acid trip" - Other artist(s): Big Brother & the Holding Company. Teddy GoodBear - By following what Jeff Tiedrich said (from ??/??/66): "A mutual friend asked Dick Latvala if he could shed any additional light on the above material". (SEE ??/??/66 - circulates from GDH #388), "and Dick answered that this was from a (7") reel that came out of a box that was only labeled "Longshoreman's." No date or any other information. I ask, could this "??/??/66" possibly be the same as this 1/23/66 show? Ken Babbs (From 'Taping Compendium'): We had this guy build us a soundboard; Buchla. He lived in San Francisco and he built us this thing called the Buchla Box. I think he worked on the Moog synthesizer. This guy was unbelievable. At the trips Festival at Longshoreman's Hall [a venue with seats on all four sides of the floor], the weekend of January 22, 1966, he had ten speakers set up around there in the balcony. He had this board in which he could run the sound around in circles. He would isolate one, and have sound wheeling around the room. He had this thing like a piano that was just flat and you ran your fingers across it and it would play the notes. Made it himself, absoulutely fantastic. He made up this box for us that was essentially a mixer and a mike amp and a speaker box and an earphone box. Teddy GoodBear: Bear's comments were made off the top of his head & therefore may not be accurate. Owsley "Bear" Stanley: the box labeled "Longshoreman's" would have been the shows we did with Loading Zone in late April 66, after the return to SF from LA.
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Contributors Teddy GoodBear , Adrian M. Johnson , "The Art Of Rock" book [The "Last Days" Booklet], "The Art Of The Fillmore" book pp.25-27, Grateful Dead Family Album -- p.30, The DeadHead's Taping Compendium; p.9
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