Band Jerry Garcia And Friends
Venue The Matrix
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 10/29/68 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments The "on the town" column in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, by Ralph J. Gleason, which which gave listings of what bands were playing locally, says that "Jerry Garcia & Friends" are playing at The Matrix on these dates (see the San Francisco Chronicle for Monday October 28, 1968 pg 45). Bobby and Pigpen were absent. On page 26 of issue #34 (Summer 1996) of Dupree's Diamond News, Dick Latvala stated in an interview "What I know exists in our Vault are the shows, and they are on four-track 15 i.p.s." and "There are two dates, 10/28 and 10/29, both of which have four reels. On 10/30 there's a Dark Star Jam into a Jerry vocal, could be Death Letter Blues". He also stated "That's what's written on the box. I haven't listened to it."
Recordings None in circulation as of 2/02.
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Contributors David Sorochty , Dick Latvala, Brian Pollard
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