Band Grateful Dead
Venue Sargent Gym - Boston University
Location Boston, MA
Date 11/21/70 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [20:59] ; Cryptical Envelopment [1:50] > Drums [0:07#] > The Other One [7:19] > Cryptical Envelopment [5:29] > Cosmic Charlie [6:14]
Comments Before That's It For The Other One DeadBase IX lists Casey Jones, Candyman, Mama Tried, Easy Wind, Saint Stephen; and following Cosmic Charlie it lists Uncle John's Band. There was also a NPRS set. A 90 minute AUD tape from this show has been rumored for years but never turns up; probably it is a list mirage based on the SBD and does not exist. Ned Lagin says this show was the first time he performed with the Dead, but that he wasn't plugged into the PA.
Recordings 21 SB
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Contributors Jim Powell John F. Whitehead Ned Lagin
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