Band Grateful Dead
Venue Capitol Theater
Location Port Chester, NY
Date 11/7/70b - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [[52:37 +]] ; [52:37 +] Attics Of My Life [5:59] % [0:13] ; Sugar Magnolia [5:34] % [0:08] ; Big Boss Man [3:58] % [0:10] ; Mama Tried [2:40] % China Cat Sunflower [3:22] > Jam [3:25] > I Know You Rider [4:30] ; [0:04] % [1:19] ; I'm A King Bee [8:59] % Drums [0:28] > Good Lovin' [10:10] ; [0:06]
Comments SET 1 is the second electric set. Total time 3:11:01 +. This list appears to be complete, with the possible exception of the NRPS set, and perhaps a final encore. The timings given here represent a composite of 1AUD and 2AUD.

1AUD: This is Jack Toner's master. Circulating copies contain the complete acoustic set, the NRPS set except Henry & Last Lonely Eagle, the complete 1st electric set, and Attics through I Know You Rider from the 2nd electric set. There is a cut in It Hurts Me Too and another, 47 seconds long, in The Other One, starting at 5:56, but the Drums are complete & intact on this tape. It is missing I'm A King Bee & Good Lovin' and is clipped at the beginnings and ends of many songs. This master is inferior to 2AUD but its Ripple lacks the other master's annoying chatter and it supplies parts of the show still missing on all circulating copies of 2AUD. It is weakest during the acoustic set. The electric sets are B+/A- tape for the period.

2AUD: This is Marty Weinberg's master, onto 7" Uher reels, from the center loge. Except for the chatter that mars Ripple and Dirty Business, this is truly an excellent AUD tape. Circulating copies contain Deep Elem Blues through El Paso from the acoustic set, Dirty Business, Henry, Last Lonely Eagle, Louisiana Lady and Honky Tonk Women from the NRPS set, plus the complete first and second electric sets. The Drums between Truckin' & The Other One have about 3:30 minutes cut out. This master includes I'm A King Bee and a complete Good Lovin'.

3AUD: Ken Leigh mastered tape of this show. A complete copy of his acoustic set tape is in circulation. His versions of Cumbrland Blues, It Hurts Me Too, BIODL, Truckin' > Drums/ , Attics, Big Boss Man are combined with other tracks from 2AUD to make up the 3-CD set assembled by Jim Wise.

The 3-CD set recently assembled by Jim Wise contains everything listed above as circulating from 2AUD except El Paso, I'm A King Bee, and only the last 3:05 of Good Lovin'.

There is no SBD master of Grateful Dead from this show in the vault.
Recordings 192 A? 192 AF 192 A?
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