Band Grateful Dead
Venue KFRC Studios
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 11/??/66 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments KFRC radio source. Interview, but no songs other than commercially released material. According to Garcia's statements in the interview, the interview took place sometime during the latter part of 1966. The transcription of the interview can be seen at: tom Ordon: in early 1967, I taped an interview with the Grateful Dead that was being re-broadcast on KFRC in San Francisco. It was originally broadcast on KFRC in November, 1966. The disc jockey was Steve O'Shea and the program was called "KFRC Perspective". The length of the interview is 22 minutes and 22 seconds long. No songs were played. I am certain that David Gans has the whole thing because he stopped by my home in Dallas, texas, in the late seventies, primarily to record it. He gave me credit in the back of his book, "Playing In The Band", for supplying the tape. David Sorochty: it begins with a pre-recorded radio station item which is like a choir singing the numbers of the year out like this: Nineteeeeen Sixty-Siiiiiiiiiiix! the interview begins and Jerry, Pigpen, Billy, and Bob are present. Phil is not and they say he had an errand to run or something like that. There is a mention that the band has been together for about a year now. The interviewer says that he has seen them a few times at the Fillmore. They mention that there are fans during the interview. There is talk of Pigpen t-shirts being available and that the picture of him on the front of the shirt may have been on a Family Dog concert poster. They give the interviewer a complementary Pigpen t-shirt and he says he'll have to figure out somewhere to wear it! the whole thing is 6 mins 47 secs long. Right in the last second of the interview the song Good Morning Little Schoolgirl is cross-faded in as the last words of the interview fade out. Schoolgirl gets cut after 47 seconds. This version seemed unusually clean and sounded a lot like a prerecorded studio recording. On a hunch, I cued this up with my CD of the first album and discovered that this is actually the version on the first album. I am positive it is a match. Since we know for sure the interview was in 1966, and the first album wasn't recorded till 1967, the Schoolgirl is something that was obviously tacked on later by someone and is unrelated to the interview.
Recordings 22 FM, Tom Ordon reel (7 1/2 ips mono).
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Contributors David Sorochty , Tom Ordon , Teddy GoodBear
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