Band Grateful Dead
Venue Muir Beach Lodge
Location Muir Beach, CA
Date 12/11/65 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments "Muir Beach Acid test". Transcribed by Teddy GoodBear: [coming soon] to see the concert art: Owsley "Bear" Stanley III: ...There were two "Acid tests" which I didn't. go to after my "initiation" at the Dec 11 Muir Beach event... David Sorochty: FWIW Rock Scully gives the following info in his book "Living With the Dead": 12-11-65: Hog For You Baby--->Good Day Sunshine, Early Morning Rain Obviously that info comes from memory, not tapes.
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Contributors Teddy GoodBear , The Grateful Dead Family Album p.30, Owsley Stanley , David Sorochty .
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