Band Jerry Garcia And Friends
Venue The Matrix
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 12/16/68 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Jam (1) [41:54]
Two Jam (2) [39:23]
Comments The tapes circulating with this date are from a "Heartbeats" show, without Bobby and Pigpen. (1) with Jack Casady and Spencer Dryden. (2) with Jack Casady and David Getz. This contains a lengthy "The Creator Has a Master Plan" theme and has references to Dark Star, Clementine, and China Cat Sunflower. An extensive search through the old San Francisco Chronicle newspapers failed to turn up any evidence of this event - no advertisements, no announcements in the "on the town" column etc. Bill Gadsden said he copied from Peter Abram "two reels with 45 minutes apiece of Garcia, Spencer Dryden, Cassady, Getz, etc from 12/16/68". A third jam has previously circulated as "Set 3" of this date, but Bill says that it's "with Harvey Mandel from 12/24/68". See comments for 12/24/68. on page 26 of issue #34 (Summer 1996) of Dupree's Diamond News, Dick Latvala stated in an interview "There are tapes of 12/16/68 marked Hartbeats at The Matrix, but I don't know if that's really accurate. You know [David] Crosby was playing with them quite a lot that month." Strangely there is a Garcia and Crosby "Hartbeats" show at The Matrix on 12/16/70.
Recordings Circulating recordings of the 1968 Matrix shows trace back to Bill Gadsden's reels. Bill and Peter Kafer made copies of Peter Abram's (owner of the Matrix) two track 7" Scotch reels in the summer of 1974. Peter Abram's reels were either Masters or 1st gens.
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Contributors David Sorochty , Bill Gadsden , Dick Latvala, Brian Pollard
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