Band Grateful Dead
Venue Pauley Ballroom - University of California
Location Berkeley, CA
Date 12/2/66 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments 'Danse Macabre' - Other artist(s): Country Joe & the Fish. Matt Schofield: Evidence that there was at least a planned show for this night. The below was sent to me from Rob Weiner of "The Annotated Bibliography by David Dodd and Rob Weiner" located at: this bibliography is an ideal research tool for someone with some time and access to newspaper vaults. But that's maybe something that will have to wait until all those newspaper articles are online. This from the SF Chronicle of 12.1.66. Small article on page 46. With a picture of Garcia and Pigpen. (one word is illegible on the photocopy that I have - but it really does say 'Pen is the lead singer'). "From a Jug" "Jerry Garcia, left, and Pig Pen are a [?] two fifth of the Grateful Dead, the blues-rock group which will play a dance concert at 9 tomorrow night at Pauley Ballroom, University of California. Garcia is the lead guitarist, Pen is lead singer and plays harmonica and organ. The group, which has been in existence for about 16 months, is one of the two most popular organizations in the Bay Area. it evolved out of a jug band which included Garcia, Pen and Bob Weir, the Dead's rhythm guitarist. Phil Lesh is the bassist, Bill Sommers is the drummer."
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