Band Grateful Dead
Venue Pepperland
Location San Rafael, CA
Date 12/21/70 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Drop Down Mama % Alabama Bound % Triad % Deep Elem Blues
Comments According to the club's ad in Good Times for Dec. 18, the Dead played with Brotherhood and Howard Wales and Friends, for $3.00, at 737 Francisco Blvd. Michael Parrish writes:

I attended part of this show. It was indeed the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood
opening, with a spectacular set. Next up was a blues band (not Howard Wales)
that I can't recall the name, but John Kahn was their bass player. The New
Riders played next. Around 2 AM, Garcia, Lesh, Hart, and David Crosby came
out. They opened with "Drop Down Mama," and also played "Alabama Bound,"
"Triad" and "Deep Elem Blues" before I was dragged kicking and screaming
from the hall by my ride, who needed to work the next morning. The ads
billed the show as "Acoustic Dead" but this segment, at least, was electric.
At one point, Garcia introduced the group as "David and the Ding-A-Lings"
(not Dorks!) and Crosby countered with the name "Jerry and the Jets." Weir
and Pigpen were visible wandering around backstage, so it is entirely
possible, even likely, that the entire Dead played even later, as curfew
clearly was not an issue.
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