Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 2/11/69a - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Early [1:05:51] ; Good Morning Little School Girl [9:19] ; Cryptical Envelopment [1:55] > The Other One [6:01] > Cryptical Envelopment [6:58] > Doin' That Rag [5:28] ; I'm A King Bee [5:19] ; Turn On Your Turn On Your Love Light [17:07] ; Hey Jude [8:23] %
Comments Early Show. The Early and Late Shows for this date have both been released as a double CD (GDCD 4054). Timings are from the CDs.

Eaton's list reads:

02/11/69 Fillmore East Theatre, New York City Ny - early show
4.9, 061min, Sbd, A0D2, Reel M->S aS->CDM->Dat 0, 44k,
14inch 8trk Master Reels@15ips->SonicSolutions->CDM x 0->4100 x 0
Recordings CD (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl)
Master recording source(s): 14inch 8trk Master Reels@15ips
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Contributors Jim Powell
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