Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 2/13/70b - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [2:48:09] ; Intro [1:15] ; China Cat Sunflower [2:53] > Jam [2:07] > I Know You Rider [4:13] ; [0:53] ; Me And My Uncle [3:10] ; [1:07] ; Dire Wolf [3:58] ; [0:59] ; Smokestack Lightnin' [18:00] ; [5:22] ; Monkey And The Engineer [1:37] ; [0:53] ; Little Sadie [2:45] ; [0:15] ; Wake Up Little Susie [2:36] > Black Peter [7:20] ; Uncle John's Band [6:50#] ; [3:12] ; Katie Mae [3:57] ; [2:54] ; Dark Star [29:21] > Cryptical Envelopment [1:56] > Drums [7:36] > The Other One [13:48] > Cryptical Envelopment [6:38] > Turn On Your Lovelight [30:12]
Encore [3:15] ; Tuning [0:56] ; And We Bid You Good Night [2:19#]
Comments Late Show total time 2:51:24 +. Total time Early & Late Shows 3:49:38 +. Late Show timings are from the circulating tape except Dark Star through Lovelight, which is from the CD. Set 1 is the complete Late Show Dead set. This is all one set; the band never leaves the stage en masse and there is no set-break.

Intro by Robert Hunter. The first five tunes are electric Dead. At the conclusion of I Know You Rider they start to go into High Time but immediately pull up short. Total time for this first electric segment through Smokestack Lightnin' is 38:35. During the pause after this tune the stage is re-rigged for the acoustic segment of the set but there is no set break and the band does not leave the stage en masse. From here through Katie Mae is acoustic Dead (31:47 + total time). The conclusion of Uncle John is clipped on the circulating tape. There is another extended pause while Pigpen's guitar mic is set up, and then he concludes the acoustic segment with Katie Mae. The remainder of the set is electric Dead again. This second electric segment of the set times 1:29:31 total. The end of the encore is clipped on the tape in circulation.

There is said to be 100 minutes of AUD tape from this show also in circulation, breaking off during Lovelight. Smokestack Lightnin', Wake Up Little Susie > Black Peter and Katie Mae appear on Bear's Choice. Dark Star through Lovelight appears on Dick's Picks 4. See Comments under 02/11/70 for more on the tapes. The Allman Bros and Love were also on the bill. The GD Records / Polygram Records CD, "Allman Bros Band Fillmore East February 1970," (GDCD 4063) releases tape of the Allmans from this run and may contain tunes from this date.

Eaton lists:

02/13/70 The Fillmore East, New York City Ny - late
4.9, 153min, Sbd, A0D1, Reel M->Dat 1, 44k,
7inch Master Reels@15ips 1/2trk->3700 x 0->3700 x 1
Recordings 169 SB Bear's Choice Dick's Picks 4
Master recording source(s): 7inch Master Reels@15ips 1/2trk
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