Band Grateful Dead
Venue Unknown Venue
Location Unknown, Unknown
Date 2/23/66 - Wednesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments See 5/19/66 for setlist. David Sorochty: the full tape is kind of a loop, with the same exact version of 'Sick and tired' on it twice. The second time it fades out. I believe that 'It's a Sin' and 'Sick and tired' which also circulate separately are incorrectly identified as "1/7/66". The fact that DeadBase has a list for "1/7/66" which includes It's a Sin and Sick and tired (in that order) is probably the reason for all the confusion in the first place. The "1/7/66" list has been in there since the first edition or two, but I don't know where they got it from. Teddy GoodBear & David Sorochty: SET1: Standing on the Corner [3:32] ; Mindbender [2:51] ; it Hurts Me too [3:44] ; Viola Lee Blues [7:24] ; I Know You Rider [2:41] ; It's a Sin [2:55] ; Sick and tired Sick and tired [3:29] We suspect due to the set list similarity that this might really be from the show that DeadBase X calls "5/19/66", a show that was not listed in any of their previous editions. See "5/19/66" for further explanation. DeadBase X also has "2/23/66" with this setlist as well as, (previous editions prior to DeadBase X), list it under "11/29/66". Early Morning Rain and Cold Rain that circulate (as listed in DeadBase X) for this date are filler that do go with "11/29/66". See "11/29/66" for further explanation. Furthermore, DeadBase X footnotes -- "Previously listed under"11/29/66"."
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , David Sorochty , Teddy GoodBear , Thayer Jennings , DeadBase X
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