Band Grateful Dead
Venue The Questing Beast
Location Berkeley, CA
Date 2/5/66 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments David Sorochty: "Supposedly a rehearsal, with multiple takes of various songs However, this is actually an edited copy of the Scorpio Studio outtakes tape (see 6/??/66). Steve McHenry provided a listing of the contents of his Questing Beast tape. It is: Side a - Stealin' Jam (very short, just a couple of bars) Stealin' Jam (longer) Stealin (vocals) I Know You Rider (vocals) Don't Ease Jam (13 times) Don't Ease (vocals) You Don't Have to Ask Jam (very brief) You Don't Have to Ask Jam (longer jam) You Don't Have to Ask (vocals) tastebud tastebud# (vocals, cut by tape flip) Side B - tastebud (vocals; started over from beginning) Cardboard Cowboy (vocals) I Know You Rider Jam I Know You Rider (vocals) Cold Rain Jam (I counted 10 of these, but was doing other things so may have miscounted by one; my jcard says 9) Cold Rain (vocals) Steve McHenry: I don't hear any talking between tunes on any of these; that is, nobody's counting off the various takes. The only speaking that is real obvious is at the end of the final Cold Rain where Jerry very plainly yells, after a few seconds, 'shit!'. See the 45's produced under the "Scorpio" labels:
Recordings 100 SB. 'The Questing Beast' tape is an edited copy of the Scorpio Studio outtakes, (See 6/??/66).
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , David Sorochty , Steve McHenry , Teddy GoodBear , The DeadHead's Taping Compendium; pp. 9&10 -- Michael M. Getz And John R. Dwork, Gene Estribou.
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