Band Grateful Dead
Venue Kleinhans Music Hall
Location Buffalo, NY
Date 3/17/70 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Saint Stephen % Dark Star > Drums % Turn On Your Lovelight
Comments DeadBase IX lists Dark Star > Drums; Lovelight, and notes that Lynn Harbold joined during Drums and that "the Dead Jammed on stage with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra."

Jay Trader's excellent webpage about this show at features a newspaper review that confirms Dark Star > Drums and Lovelight.

Another audience member describes a three set show, with material from Live Dead and Aoxomoxoa in the first two sets (Saint Stephen and Dark Star in the first) and an improvisation with the orchestra in the third, which he describes as including a passage of "call and response". He says that during this portion of the show the Dead played on top of a lift platform, which rose when they played and dropped when the symphony played. The symphony played a program featuring the work of John Cage "complete with laser-light show."
Recordings none in circulation 12/96
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