Band Grateful Dead
Venue Melodyland Theatre
Location Anaheim, CA
Date 3/9/68b - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments Not listed in DeadBase XI. Other artist(s): Jefferson Airplane. The advertisement in the LA Free Press newspaper says there were early and late shows on March 9th at 6:30 and 9:30 PM. Bryan Crawford: "I saw the Dead at the MELODYLAND theater across the street from Disneyland. It was a circular auditorium with a rotating circular stage, theatre-in-the-round that eventually flopped and like many theaters became a Calvary Christian Church. They were billed as "and Friends" and opened for the Jefferson Airplane, as in, "Jefferson Airplane and Friends". People got the name wrong & to my amusement, the Dead were being referred to as the "Dreadful Great." I thought it was hysterically funny & was always surprised that it didn't stick as a nickname."
Recordings None in circulation as of 2/02.
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Contributors Bryan Crawford , David Sorochty , Brian Pollard
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