Band Grateful Dead
Venue Watts Acid Test
Location Watts, CA
Date 3/??/66 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments Known as 'Watts Acid test'. See 02/11/66. Owsley "Bear" Stanley: the "Pigpen rap" that Gans took from an unlabeled box, with an intro from Jer "Nobody Cares" would have been an excerpt form a tape from the Watts Acid test, or a show immediately after that gig. It is most likely, especially if there is a bunch of static on one channel (left I think), that it came from that test. The test, the third in LA, was in early March 1966. I met the Dead formally at the Fillmore show on 11 Feb '66. The Northridge Acid test was 19 Feb, the Sunset Blvd. test was 25 Feb. I was not at the Northridge test. Watts was in March. Owsley later goes on to say: this is absolutely the Watts Acid test. There was a woman who Babbs was putting the mic onto who kept screaming "Who cares?" over and over at least a hundred times. I also think I recall the comment by Bobby on Pig's non acid-taking. There was a great Pig rap at that test, I would guess the tape was from the Prankster's tape machine.
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Contributors Teddy GoodBear , Owsley Stanley
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