Band Grateful Dead
Venue Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
Location Santa Clara, CA
Date 5/18/68a - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Alligator [3:19] > Drums (1) [4:24] > Alligator (2) [10:#50] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [15:#02] > Feedback [4:01] ; [0:50]
Comments Two audience masters are in circulation, one recorded in mono on 3" reels made by tom Ordon with a single handheld mic in the audience, the other with mics on the stage, supposedly by Jorma. Both aud masters are grungy, but tom's tape was used for the timings since it begins before Alligator starts and continues for a minute or so after Feedback finishes. (1) Alligator runnin' round my door vocals begin at 2:50 into the Drums and Jerry joins in with an Alligator type solo at 3:41 into it. (2) the second Alligator contains a "First there Is a Mountain" (Mountain Jam) quote starting at about 5:45 which straddles the first tape flip. The second tape flip occurs in Caution. Tom's 3" reels ran for about 15 minutes on a side. The other master from on-stage mics cuts in on the first few beats of Alligator and often circulates with a brief exchange between Jorma, Weir, and unknown others after Feedback concludes, in which Weir curses the working class and explains why the Dead will be late for their show at the Shrine Exhibition Hall later in the evening. It also generally contains portions of both the Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother & Holding Company sets.
Recordings 40 A? (two masters)
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Contributors David Sorochty , Tom Ordon, Tim Anderson , Brian Pollard
Caretaker David Sorochty email update