Band Grateful Dead
Venue Central Park
Location New York, NY
Date 5/5/68 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Morning Dew
Comments The setlist information was provided by Steven Ross, an eyewitness: "5/5/68 in Central Park was my first Dead show, and my second airplane show, the first being the night before, 5/4/68 at the Fillmore East, where Paul Kantner told the audience that they will be playing free in the park with the Dead tomorrow. The Dead opened 5/5/68 with Bob Weir saying to the NYC crowd, "Welcome to San Francisco." Then Phil hit the opening chords to Morning Dew on his Guild Starfire Bass, played through a bunch of Fender Showman and or Dual Showman Amplifier heads and Sunn 2000S Speaker Cabinets with 15" JBL Speakers, reinforced through a PA with JBL and or Altec Lansing Speakers. Garcia played his '52-early '53 Gibson Les Paul Gold top, plugged into maybe 6-8 Fender twin Reverb Amplifiers with 12" JBL Speakers. He had an octopus chord going to all the inputs of the amps. Were some of the twin Reverb Amps borrowed from Jorma? Jack Casady also played his Guild Starfire Bass with the Airplane, also plugged into Fender Dual Showman Amplifier heads, going to Sunn 2000S Speaker Cabinets with 15" JBL Speakers, but Jack's bass had all the Alembic Filters in it that Phil finally had installed in his in '71. Jack also used a Versatone combo amplifier with a 12" speaker in it. That amp gave him some of his dirt, along with some of his filter settings if he choose, but the Versatone became a great decay amp for him. 5/5/68, haven't heard one note of it since, other than my recall, tape anyone?!?!"
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Contributors Steven Ross , David Sorochty , Brian Pollard
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