Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 6/14/68a - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Morning Dew % Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > New Potato Caboose
Comments Early Show. The setlist information was provided by Kenny Schachat, an eyewitness. Kenny attended the Early Show, and remembers that the Dead played only one set per "show". He says: "I was at this show in the 4th row. Also, there was only one set at that Fillmore East early show. The Dead were the second of three bands on the bill. Headlining was the newly formed Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart on vocals on their first U.S. tour. They were great, too! I think the first group was Buzzy Linhart's band. I'm quite certain that Morning Dew was the first song or at least very early in the set, that the Cryptical > Other one > Cryptical > Caboose came after and was the bulk of the set, followed by one or two at the end. I'm less certain, but I believe they played Good Morning Little Schoolgirl. I'm certain that they did not play Lovelight. I'm pretty sure that they also did not play Saint Stephen." Since Kenny's memories of the Early Show conflict with the circulating tape it seems reasonable to assume that the tape is from the Late Show. Kenny also remembers that Jerry was playing the circa '56 black Gibson Les Paul Custom for this show. Someone else who must have attended one of these shows has reported "The first time we heard Dark Star was at the Fillmore East in the late 60's. It was the whole set. Before they started, Bobby (or somebody) said, "Wes Montgomery died last night. This is for him." The date given in music books for Wes Montgomery's death is 6/15/68. Kenny Schachat replied "I attend both the 6/14/68 and 6/15/68 early shows at the Fillmore East. My memories of the 6/14/68 early show are pretty clear: I'm certain that they did not play Dark Star on that night".
Recordings None in circulation as of 2/02.
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Contributors David Sorochty , Kenny Schachat , Jim Powell , Ihor Slabicky , Tim Anderson
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