Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 6/14/68b - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [[58:23 +]] ; Space [3:24] > Jam (1) [0:33] > The Eleven [6:55] > Saint Stephen [6:17] % Alligator [3:13] > Drums [0:10] > Turn On Your Lovelight [10:32] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [4:07] > Drums [2:36] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [23:22] > Feedback [3:54] ; [0:01]
Comments (1) the Jam before the Eleven is in 12s. Jim Powell: "This is primal Dead, one of the best sets in circulation from any year. The "space" or "feedback" begins from a dead start - there is a second of silence beforehand. The 2:23 Saint Stephen jam following "what would be the answer to the answer man" is of unique ferocity. There are numerous Caution teases in Lovelight, and the shift from one to the other is almost imperceptible. After 9:00 into Lovelight much of the time Caution and Lovelight are happening simultaneously (shades of Chales Ives!). Jerry sounds the introductory Caution flourish pointedly at 10:06 but the band doesn't follow. He tries again much more emphatically at 10:32 and this time they round the corner. The tape cuts off with the beginning of the applause. This is an excellent job of early audience taping. The mics are quite close in and there's minimal audience noise. Unfortunately most circulating copies are high generation and many are somewhat hacked up. It is possible that to complete the set we are missing songs before the opening Space on the tape; otherwise this is perhaps tHE most hard core opening of any Dead set in the history of the band. It is possible that we are missing songs between Saint Stephen and Alligator, but the pause in the tape between these songs sounds like the pause-button pause between songs characteristic of early AUD tapes. It is improbable that there were more tunes following the concluding Feedback, unless there was an encore. Dick Latvala has stated that no soundboard of this show exists in the vault. Says Dick, "so stick with that audience, folks." (Dupree's Diamond News interview, vol. 27, 12/94, p.16)." Someone who must have attended one of these shows has reported "The first time we heard Dark Star was at the Fillmore East in the late 60's. It was the whole set. Before they started, Bobby (or somebody) said, "Wes Montgomery died last night. This is for him." The date given in music books for Wes Montgomery's death is 6/15/68.
Recordings 60 AF
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Contributors David Sorochty , Jim Powell , Tim Anderson , Dick Latvala, Ihor Slabicky , Brian Pollard
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