Band Grateful Dead
Venue Phoenix Travelodge Theater
Location Phoenix, AZ
Date 6/22/68 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments Other artist(s): ten Years After and thackeray Rocke. Not listed in DeadBase XI. The "Vibrations in the Valley" column by Jon Sargent on page 58 of the Friday June 21, 1968 edition of the Arizona Republic newspaper states: "There's a worthwhile happening at the Phoenix travelodge theater tomorrow night. James C. Pagni of San Diego is bringing together a couple of acts that ought to bring glee to the hearts of dedicated followers of fashion. The lineup will consist of San Francisco's pride and joy, the Grateful Dead, England's ten Years After, and last, if not least, our own thackeray Rocke. The action will begin at 8." Jon Sargent has a review of this show in his column in the June 30th edition of the paper and he states: "Last weekend's Grateful Dead concert was a smash. Too bad not everyone knew it. The further the Dead got into their music the quicker some people got out to their cars."
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