Band Grateful Dead
Venue Straight Theater
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 7/23/67 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Neal Cassady "Rap Jam"
Comments Other artist(s): the Phoenix, the Wildflower and Big Brother & the Holding Company. After giving it a listen do you think it has a primordial bit of Dark Star and (I think) a bit of Lovelight too?? Hank Harrison is a former friend of Phil Lesh - they had a falling out around '72. He is also the father of Courtney Love (Phil's Godchild). Hank was present at this event and the 1st printing of the book he wrote titled "The Dead Book" was distributed with a clear accetate Flexi-Disk recording of this "Rap Jam" song. Neal Cassady raps while the Dead Jam in the background. The following can be found on the 'World Wide Web' at: Listen to it: < > Read about it: < >
Recordings 10 Flexi-Disk (33.3) LP, Hank Harrison's book 1st printing. To see this Flexi-Disk (aka - "EvaTone Soundsheets") On A dark background: < >
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Hank Harrison, D.L. Minton , Teddy GoodBear , Tim Anderson , Adrian M. Johnson , "The Art Of Rock" book p.200, Ken Babbs.
Caretaker Teddy Goodbear email update