Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 7/3/66 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Dancin' In The Street [7:17] ; I Know You Rider [1:49#] ; He Was A Friend Of Mine [#6:55] ; Next Time You See Me [2:56] ; Viola Lee Blues [7:21] ; Big Boss Man [3:29] ; Sittin' On Top Of The World [2:32#]
Comments "Independence Ball" - Other artist(s): Love & Group B. To listen to the show using "Real Audio": David Sorochty: Most tapes have the song order listed in Deadbase 9 and earlier editions, which is incorrect. The correct song order is what's listed above. Our tapes seem to come from two shorter tapes which overlap a bit at the beginning of Viola Lee Blues. Here's what's on my DAT tape which comes from a low gen reel: 7/3/66 Part 1 - some of the between song talking, then: Viola Lee Blues Big Boss Man Sittin' on top of the World# Filler (Scorpio 45 RPM): Don't Ease Me in Stealin' 7/3/66 Part 2: Dancin' in the Streets I Know You Rider# #He Was a Friend of Mine Next time You See Me all of the between song talking intact with no splice and then: Viola Lee Blues# (cuts out after just a minute or so) it is apparent that chronologically what I call Part 2 comes first, then Part 1 - they just overlap a bit on the beginning of Viola Lee. Most cassette tapes in circulation have the above order with the Scorpio filler moved to the end (sometimes the Viola Lee overlap part is intact, other times it is cut off). A few tapes in circulation have Part 2 first and then Part 1 with the overlap removed (which I believe is the right order) and the Scorpio filler last. DeadBase X does list what I believe is the correct song order and also lists several more songs which do not circulate. They are: Unknown, Minglewood, Cold Rain, Unknown, BIODTL, Cream Puff War & It's a Good thing." Dick Latvala - According to DeadLists Digests #534: Dick Latvala has crossed out "it's a good thing" and written "MESS UP a GOOD tHING CARDBOARD COWBOY". Is this the real name of the song we call "Cardboard Cowboy"? Or did Dick forget to put a comma after 'Mess Up a Good thing' and the next song would be 'Carboard Cowboy'? thayer Jennings: "My reasoning for listing He Was a Friend of Mine and Next time before Viola Lee:* I have three different copies of this -- two of the three are similar to the DeadBase listing (i.e. with Friend of Mine and Next time at the end of the set)... but the last copy came to me mislabeled as "04/23/66 San Fran"... but it is actually this (07/03/66). The set list on this third copy is the same as I've listed above (cutting in on Friend of Mine and cutting out during top of the World). The key 'dead air' segment -- between Next time and Viola Lee is intact. There is a small bit of conversation between the two (which partially exists on my other copies): Next time > applause > Garcia [to band]: "Had to do it man. I had to do it." (laughter) "I just had to do it, you know how it is." (pause, but no splice) Pigpen [to Garcia (or band)]: "Viola Lee Blues". Garcia [to audience]: "We had a request for this... before... before we did it. and uh..." Lesh(?) [in background, to band]: "I don't know, man. I can't tell by this...(?)" Garcia [continuing, to audience]: "...and... it's called Viola Lee Blues." Weir(?): "Aww, no..."> Viola Lee Blues." DeadBase X [under 'mislabelled tapes']: Many copies of this have four additional songs after Next time You See Me. Stealin' and Don't. Ease are from the Scorpio Records single. Lindy is from 'Historic Dead' and Baby Blue is from 'Vintage Dead'. This tape is sometimes dated 9/4/66. DeadBase X [under 'Tape timings']: there is a silver of Don't. Ease introduction that cuts almost immediately between top of the World and Dancin'. Before Viola Lee Blues -- Jerry: "We had a request for this before... before we did it. It's called Viola Lee Blues." Bobby: "Oooh Nooo!" Before I Know You Rider -- Jerry: "Along with our previous dedication dedicating this evening's sets on our part to the Sundancers in Ignatio, Colorado, we'd also like to dedicate a certain portion of this to Mnasidika, this little clothes store, you know, down on Haight Street that has some things and it's all right, and it's all right... indeed. We'd like to continue along the same happy vein... with another song, no doubt." I Know You Rider cuts during the "muddy Water" verse. The beginning of He Was a Friend of Mine is cut.
Recordings 34 SB. The complete list circulates In SBD. The beginning of He Was A Friend of Mine is clipped with an indeterminate portion missing. Sittin' On Top of the World cuts off with A significant portion missing. the end of I Know You Rider cuts off with A significant portion missing. Also (consult vault sources). To see A recording box label, (as per Michael Wanger letter, see 07/??/66), from Golden State Recorders:
Master recording source(s): 10inch Master Reel @15ips 1/2trk
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Thayer Jennings , David Sorochty , Teddy GoodBear , Michael Wanger , Dick Latvala (consult vault sources), DeadBase X, Adrian M. Johns
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