Band Grateful Dead
Venue O'Keefe Center
Location Toronto, CN
Date 8/5b/67 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Turn On Your Lovelight [#7:42] % Alligator [10:34]
Comments Evening show. Bill Graham presents "The San Francisco Scene in toronto". Other artist(s): Jefferson Airplane ; Luke and the Apostles. one looking at the concert poster (which can be see at the following): < > can determine: there were shows from 31st July to 5th August according to the poster, ("evenings at 8.30, matinees on Wednesday and Saturday") which would mean a total of 8 shows [Mon. 7/31, tues. 8/1, Weds. 8/2 matinee, 8/2 evening, thurs. 8/3, Fri. 8/4, Sat. 8/5 matinee, 8/5 evening]. Before Alligator Bobby says "We only have time for one more unfortunately and we're gonna do a song we laughingly refer to as 'Alligator'. Ha, Ha!" David Sorochty: "Alligator ends with one of the most dramatic endings ever for this song. It finishes with Jerry's guitar cranking and screeching eeeeoowww!! it has a reverb type echo to it that adds to the cranking effect and its pretty stunning. You have to hear it to appreciate it."
Recordings 18 SB. Master reel > 1 reel generation > DAT > circulation.
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Adrian M. Johnson , Teddy GoodBear , "The Art Of Rock" book p.123 [BG 74] , "The Art Of The Fillmore" book p.79 (two posters), David Sorochty , Ba
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