Band Jerry Garcia And Friends
Venue KSAN Studios
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 8/??/70 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [15:16] ; The Race Is On [2:49] ; [1:12] ; Silver Threads And Golden Needle [3:04] ; [0:25] ; Let Me In [4:06] [0:28] ; Dark Hollow [3:00]
Comments Weir, vocals & acoustic guitar; Garcia, pedal steel guitar; Cipollina, slide guitar & guitar; Pete Sears, piano. This tape often circulates labeled "Garage Tape 1970" and sounds like it could easily have been made in somebody's garage studio, probably in the north Bay Area. Sometimes it circulates labeled "Bobby Ace & the Cards Off the Bottom of the Deck, Studio, 1970."

Weir seems to be in charge. Before Let Me In Bobby says "Let's do that slow number. If you feel like cryin', why, just go ahead." The tape cuts off with Bobby saying "Leave that door open, or I'll kill ya."

On the 2400 Fulton Street list the following comments from Pete Sears appear: "in 1971, John Cippolina and I were forming Copperhead and John introduced me to Jerry and we played together on the first KSAN radio broadcast in their record library on the Richard Gossett show with Jerry on pedal steel, John on guitar, Mario on bass, Bob Weir on vocals and rythmn guitar, and I played piano."

1971 seems a tad late, though possible, for this tape, and also for the "first" KSAN broadcast, but Sears' description does sound like this tape. On the other hand Michael Parrish contends that this comes from August '69. Plainly we need some fresh, solid evidence.
Recordings 16 SB
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