Band Grateful Dead
Venue Avalon Ballroom
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 9/16/66 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One I Know You Rider [4:01] ; It Hurts Me Too [4:08] ; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [4:33] ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [#10:34] ; Lindy [2:44] ; Dancin' In The Street [6:21]
Encore Midnight Hour [16:25]
Comments Other artist(s): Oxford Circle. 1st Kelly/Mouse skull & rose. You can see the Skull & Roses Concert Art at: thayer Jennings: My copy (?and possibly the majority of circulating copies?) is from a 'bootleg LP' -- as evidenced by the minor 'needle pops' associated with LPs. David Sorochty: off Vintage and Historic LPs. See also the listing for "9/11/66" (same material but from SBD tape source) and for ??/??/66 (Stealin' and Same thing) for the remaining songs on these albums. Someone said that "9/16/66" came from a bootleg record and the Sunflower record label that they come from, was a subsidiary of MGM. I read that there was some question or disagreement with the band and MGM as to whether they really did have proper legal permission to put those two albums out. Could those two albums be thought of as semibootlegs? Jim Powell: Avalon "9/11/66" & "9/16/66" the MGM Sun LP "Vintage Dead" (Sun-5001) contains SIDE A: I Know You Rider 4:25, it Hurts Me too 4:17, It's All Over Now Baby Blue 4:50, Dancin in the Street 7:55; SIDE B: in the Midnight Hour 18:23. Timings are off the album. The liner notes describe the material as coming from "The Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco 1966." this list has always appeared in DeadBase under the date 9/16/66, with a note saying actual date for list unknown." I have a 45-minute cassette side of this material running from I Know You Rider through the first half or so of Midnight Hour. I got it from a friend up in Portland OR 10 years ago. He won his copy as a prize in a radio contest from a radio show up there called Fillmore Northwest. The tape was described to him as being off the reels of this material, not off the LP -- and that's what it sounds like. The tape he received was dated 9/11/66. As noted, the Midnight Hour from this date also circulates mislabeled with several other dates, including 8/7/66.
Recordings 50 SB(LP), 60 SB(LP). The complete list circulates In SBD. The very beginning of Schoolgirl is clipped with possibly 1-2 secs missing.
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Thayer Jennings , Teddy GoodBear , David Sorochty , Adrian M. Johnson , The Family Dog: "The Art Of Rock" book [FD 26], Jim
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